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wildloud secures investment from Emilia Capital to accelerate the growth of its multi-tenant WordPress cloud platform

Amsterdam, May 11, 2023 – wildcloud, the pioneering cloud solution provider that combines the power of multitenancy and Kubernetes to transform WordPress into a scalable and efficient WaaS and SaaS platform, has announced a new investment from Emilia Capital, the holding company of Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt, founders of Yoast.

This latest funding comes after wildcloud raised a substantial seed round with Arches Capital in December 2021, and the early-stage VC APX, backed by Axel Springer and Porsche, also joined the seed round.

Emilia Capital Joins as a Strategic Partner

Emilia Capital is known for its investments in companies that make the web a better place, with many of its investments tied to the WordPress ecosystem. With their experience in running a successful scale-up and expertise in development and marketing, Emilia Capital is an ideal partner to help wildcloud excel.

“We see a great opportunity with wildcloud. It allows hosting companies to modernize their setup, but even more importantly it gives plugin vendors and agencies the ability to create their own hosting solutions without much hassle or overhead. The amazing team at wildcloud is super energetic and we’re deeply confident in their ability to execute on this mission.”

Joost de Valk, Partner at Emilia Capital

Revolutionizing the WordPress Ecosystem with Multitenancy

wildcloud revolutionizes the WordPress ecosystem by introducing multitenancy, allowing users to build and offer turnkey WordPress products (WaaS or SaaS) with central development and serverless, scalable infrastructure. By leveraging Kubernetes, the leading cloud infrastructure orchestration tool, wildcloud enables users to manage thousands of separate WordPress installations in an isolated yet centralized way.

This groundbreaking approach solves three key scaling challenges of WordPress:

  1. Operational: wildcloud’s multi-tenant architecture allows for individual WordPress installations that share a single codebase, making it possible to develop and manage thousands of sites in an efficient and streamlined manner.
  2. Business: The wildcloud API offers seamless integration with various systems, enabling the automation of critical business processes throughout the customer lifecycle.
  3. Technical: By utilizing Kubernetes, wildcloud offers a serverless, highly-available platform that allows users to focus on WordPress development while enjoying the benefits of a robust, scalable infrastructure.

Empowering Three Key Audiences

wildcloud primarily serves three target audiences: hosting companies, service providers such as agencies and freelancers, and product companies including plugin and theme builders. By offering a comprehensive cloud solution for WordPress, wildcloud empowers these businesses to build, launch, and manage powerful applications with ease, maximizing their efficiency and productivity.

Accelerating Growth with Emilia Capital’s Investment

The new funding from Emilia Capital will be instrumental in accelerating the growth and development of wildcloud, allowing the company to extend its offerings and improve its services for customers worldwide. With its innovative, feature-rich cloud solution, wildcloud is poised to lead the future of WordPress as a dominant SaaS architecture for businesses and developers alike.

For more information about wildcloud and its groundbreaking multi-tenant WordPress platform, visit

About wildcloud

wildcloud is a leading cloud solution provider that transforms WordPress into a scalable and efficient WaaS and SaaS platform through the innovative use of multitenancy and Kubernetes. Founded in November 2020 and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, wildcloud enables users to build and manage thousands of separate WordPress installations in an isolated yet centralized way, offering a powerful and flexible solution for hosting companies, service providers, and product companies seeking to leverage the dominant cloud architecture of SaaS for their WordPress applications.

About Emilia Capital

Emilia Capital was founded by Marieke van de Rakt and Joost de Valk, the team that previously led Yoast, one of the largest plugin companies in the WordPress space, until its acquisition in 2021. Emilia Capital invests in companies that align with its core principles, which include a lot of companies in the WordPress space. wildcloud joins Emilia Capital’s other portfolio companies such as Atarim, Extendify, and Equalize Digital. For more info on Emilia Capital, visit

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