New story: featuring an AI-driven WaaS

Automated selling

By Roger Rosweide – CCO & Co founder 

Sell website subscriptions using Woocommerce and our free WaaS plugins – a step-by-step guide. 


In the end, you’ll have a Storefront set-up that can sell any type of WordPress site automatically.  

Workflow management

By Roger Rosweide – CCO & Co founder 

Learn to manage 1,000 websites as easily as one. Explore our secure, scalable versioning system for updating plugins, switching themes, and upgrading WordPress or PHP. Undo changes with one click when needed.

Cloud scaling

By Roger Rosweide – CCO & Wijnand van Leeuwen – CEO

Strap on your tech-savvy goggles and dive into the intricate layers of wildcloud’s cloud architecture.

In this webinar, uncover the intricacies of our infrastructure, delve into containerization, explore autoscaling, and much more.

Coming soon…

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