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The most scalable workflow for WordPress

Discover the security and dependability of our versioning system, designed to optimize your workflow and safeguard centralized, continuous improvements at scale.

The safest way to update WordPress at scale

Our versioning system streamlines centralized plugin and theme management, offering a secure and dependable method for deploying (or reverting) updates. 

Update, install new or remove plugins across all sites simultaneously. With separate versions, you can test updates in a controlled environment before updating customers in one click. 

Centralized theme management

Update or change themes across customers in an application. Create new versions to test theme changes and, once verified, update customers to the new version with confidence. 

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How does it work?

Simple steps to update sites, whether you’re just starting out or managing thousands of sites.


The process remains simple and consistent.

1. Create version

Provision a separate environment for implementing changes to themes or plugin files. 

2. Deploy snapshots

Save and deploy version updates with snapshots.

3. Test safely

Move staging sites between versions to test all changes safely. 

4. Update customers

Once tested safely, move customers over to a new version with one click. 

5. Rollback errors

Quickly roll back any unforeseen errors by switching back to an old version. 

6. Debug sites

Debug affected sites while keeping others on the latest version.

“The solution, with THE in big letters, to all your problems.”

Aron Martinez – Founder


Build smarter, deploy faster with customizable DevOps

Unlock the full potential of your development process with wildcloud’s suite of advanced tools, designed for developers who demand efficiency.

Our API-based management empowers developers to automate and integrate their WordPress management tasks seamlessly.

Customizable DevOps pipelines

We provide the tools to set up automated testing, build, and deployment processes, enabling you to deliver high-quality code fast. 

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“Your solution is the only one that really improved my time and my costs”

Jorge Santos – CEO
FreshRules Agency

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