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Individualized web presence meets centralized management

Centralized management, consistent branding across all franchisees, efficient promotions, and insightful analytics while each franchisee has their own separate individual website. 

The problems with microsites

Unlike microsite structures, wildcloud’s approach empowers each franchise site to be a unique site, not a diluted sub-domain. This strategy eliminates common microsite challenges:

Microsites often share a common database, meaning individual sites are not truly ‘individual.’ This setup is messy and becomes harder to handle when trying to grow or expand.

Microsites, being part of a larger domain, struggle with local SEO ranking. Each site doesn’t build its own domain authority but relies on the main site, often leading to lower local search visibility.

With microsites, there’s a risk of branches veering from the main brand message or get neglected over time. In addition, promotions or seasonal offers need manual updates on each microsite.

“The solution, with THE in big letters, to all your WordPress problems.”

Aron Martinez – Founder


Centralized, yet decentralized: the best of both worlds

wildcloud’s architecture, coupled with Greyd’s centralized content management, offers franchises a paradoxical benefit: centralized decentralization.

With centralized management, all franchisees align with the brand, promoting uniformity. Everything from promotional banners to major announcements maintains brand integrity.

While the brand remains consistent, franchisees enjoy the freedom to infuse local flavor. They can customize pages, reflecting local events or sentiments, fostering a connection with their community.

Central promotions, new offers, or program launches are pushed network-wide with ease. This efficiency means faster go-to-market times and uniform customer experiences.

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Discover how Greyd.Suite and wildcloud streamline feature creation, content management, and franchise-wide deployment.

Greyd.Suite & wildcloud – How it works

Version Control System

Manage codebase changes efficiently and safeguard against potential bugs.

Real-time Deployments

Any update or feature is immediately available to all franchises with one click.

Efficient Content Management

Central hub for crafting global content, while child sites align seamlessly with global changes.

Unified Brand Experience

Uniform brand messaging and visuals across every site. Flexibility for local branches to adapt, but within defined brand guidelines.

“I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire process.”
Dustin Snider
CEO @ DS Development Solutions

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