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Powerful WaaS features for automated growth

Our WaaS capabilities are designed for seamless automation, effortless upselling, and efficient customer management at scale.

Offer your clients a fully branded experience

Empower your business with a white-label experience that puts your brand front and center. 

Custom branding

Use your own marketing site to onboarding and manage customers, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Full control

Maintain full control over your product offering through our integrations partners, with the freedom to set your own pricing and packages.

Branded sub-domain

Enhance your brand’s credibility and build trust with a branded sub-domains for tenant sites. 

Randy LeJeune Tiny Giant Websites
“[...] …We make a double profit, and it’s easy money.”

Randy J LeJeune – CEO
Tiny Giant Web Solutions

Streamline your sales process with our WaaS plugins

Automate your sales process with our WaaS plugins and watch your recurring revenue grow.

E-commerce integrations

Easily integrate with leading WordPress e-commerce solutions for smooth transaction processing and customer management. 

Subscription management

Offer various subscription models and manage them effortlessly.

Sell automatically

Increase sales with an automated, efficient checkout process that keeps customers returning.

Use the tools you love to sell and manage website subscriptions

Design, automate, and thrive

Craft your unique digital experience product using WordPress and let our plugins handle the sale and provisioning.

Pre-configured templates

Offer your audience custom templates designed by you, compatible with Gutenberg or any page builder. Your creativity, their solution. 

Feature packages and plans

Develop tiered plans with the features your customers need. Our plugins automate the selling, so you can concentrate on innovating.

Launch a WordPress marketplace

Select and offer the WordPress plugins that complement your product. Our plugins automates the sales and customer activation. 

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