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Building an AI-driven WaaS appropriately called “AnyPress”

This article summarizes a most pleasant conversation with Otaku Solutions‘ founder Tylan Miller. His creation and detailed demonstration of AnyPress, a WordPress as a Service, leverages the wildcloud infrastructure.

We’ll look into AnyPress, focusing on its WordPress plugins and tools. Alongside, we’ll show how it uses wildcloud features. Our goal is to offer a straightforward guide for anyone looking to create similar solutions.

In the video, Tylan Miller shares his WordPress building skills, product development vision, and experience with wildcloud. If you’d like to connect with him to explore opportunities of working together, find him at:

YouTube timestamps

0:00 – Introduction and Background

1:16 – Challenges in Managing Website Portfolios

4:10 – Otaku Solutions’ Approach to WordPress

5:00 – AnyPress Development

9:20 – Customer Journey on AnyPress

13:22 – Pricing Plans for AnyPress

13:59 – Demonstration of Signing Up for AnyPress

16:20 – Website Configuration and Onboarding

18:05 – Customer Support and Dashboard

22:36 – WordPress Site Building with AI and Templates

27:42 – Impressions and Process Flow

30:17 – Anypress Platform Discussion

30:44 – wildcloud Plugin and API Integration

31:13 – Snapshot Versions and Ecommerce

31:42 – Storefront and wildcloud/WPCS Product

32:47 – Editor and Template Deployment

34:02 – Upcoming Challenge and Video

36:13 – Otaku Solutions’ Background and WordPress Integration

39:21 – WordPress as a Service (WaaS) Discussion

The Genesis of AnyPress

During the interview, Tylan Miller of Otaku Solutions identifies the core challenges within the WordPress ecosystem: a bewildering array of plugins (“a giant flea market”), hosting hurdles, and the complexities of managing a diverse client portfolio. AnyPress emerged as a solution to streamline the WordPress experience, making it accessible and manageable for both businesses and digital agencies.

AnyPress solves WordPress problems

Why AnyPress was built on wildcloud

The backbone of AnyPress’s innovation lies in its use of wildcloud’s multi-tenant capabilities, allowing for the centralized management of any number WordPress sites. Tylan Miller addresses key challenges in managing WordPress sites, such as scalability and efficient management. These are challenges he has solved using wildcloud.

Built on the wildcloud platform, AnyPress offers a multi-tenant WordPress environment, streamlining the process of site creation, management, and customization for its clients. This approach not only enhances scalability and efficiency but also simplifies the customer journey from site creation to onboarding.

How AnyPress works

The AnyPress Customer Journey Unveiled

1. Simplified Onboarding and Site Creation

Customers start their journey with AnyPress by selecting a hosting plan, which triggers the automatic creation of a WordPress site. This process involves a pre-configured setup including essential settings, plugins, and themes, chosen to ensure performance and security. The customer then receives detailed onboarding instructions, guiding them through initial setup and customization options.

2. Customization with Kadence and AI Integration

AnyPress utilizes the Kadence theme and its extensive cloud library, enabling customers to easily customize their sites with a range of design templates and blocks. Further enhancing the customization process, AnyPress incorporates AI tools to assist in content generation and design optimization, making website development accessible to all skill levels.

3. Comprehensive Support and Training

Recognizing the importance of ongoing support, Otaku Solutions offers a variety of training resources, live chat support, and dedicated onboarding sessions. This ensures that customers can effectively manage their WordPress sites, leveraging the full suite of AnyPress features.

AnyPress features
AnyPress pricing

The AnyPress Product: Components and Tools

AnyPress leverages a curated selection of WordPress plugins and tools to enhance its service offering, ensuring clients receive a comprehensive, ready-to-use WordPress solution. Key components include:

  • Kadence Theme: For its base theme, AnyPress uses Kadence, known for its flexibility and customization options. Kadence allows users to easily design their sites with a wide range of features without compromising on performance.
  • Page Builders and Gutenberg Blocks: Integrating with the native WordPress editor, Gutenberg, AnyPress incorporates Kadence Blocks, offering users advanced layout and design capabilities, fostering creativity and ease of use in site construction.
  • AI Integration for Content Generation: Recognizing the importance of efficient content creation, AnyPress incorporates AI tools to assist users in generating and optimizing web content, streamlining the process of populating new sites.
  • E-commerce and Membership Plugins: To cater to a variety of online business models, AnyPress includes plugins that support e-commerce and membership functionalities, enabling clients to build diverse types of websites.
  • SEO and Marketing Tools: Understanding the necessity of online visibility, AnyPress equips sites with leading SEO and marketing plugins, aiding clients in enhancing their web presence.
AnyPress plans

Leveraging wildcloud: A Blueprint for WaaS Platforms

Building a WaaS platform similar to AnyPress on wildcloud involves several strategic steps:

1. Utilizing Multi-Tenancy

wildcloud’s multi-tenant architecture is pivotal. Website as a Service (or WaaS, an spin on SaaS) companies leverage this feature to manage multiple WordPress instances efficiently, enabling scalable solutions for a growing client base.

wildcloud’s multi-tenant WordPress hosting platform allows Otaku Solutions to apply updates, manage plugins, and oversee all client sites from a single dashboard, significantly reducing management overhead and enhancing service reliability.

2. Implementing Snapshots for Rapid Deployment

Otaku capitalizes on wildcloud’s snapshot technology to offer rapid site deployment. Snapshots capture fully configured site states, enabling AnyPress to quickly spin up new sites with a comprehensive set of pre-selected tools and configurations. This ensures consistency across client sites and saves considerable time in site setup.

3. Creating a Storefront

A distinctive aspect of AnyPress’s architecture is its storefront model, which integrates seamlessly with wildcloud’s API. When a customer purchases a hosting plan through the AnyPress storefront, a new tenant site is automatically created on wildcloud, utilizing predefined snapshots for quick and consistent setup. This process exemplifies a harmonious integration of eCommerce practices with cloud hosting technologies, offering a streamlined purchase-to-launch experience for customers.

4. Customizing the Tech Stack

Select a robust and flexible tech stack, including themes like Kadence and essential plugins for SEO, e-commerce, and content creation. This selection should be based on performance, security, and ease of use, ensuring clients receive a high-quality WordPress site.

5. Offering Comprehensive Support and Training

Develop a structured onboarding process with detailed guides, tutorials, and support channels. This ensures clients can effectively use the platform, reducing dependency on external support for site management and customization.


The development of AnyPress by Otaku Solutions, utilizing the wildcloud platform, showcases a successful approach to creating a scalable, efficient WordPress as a Service solution. By utilizing on key features like multi-tenancy, rapid site deployment through snapshots, and a carefully curated selection of WordPress plugins and themes, AnyPress offers a valuable blueprint for others looking to develop similar platforms. Following this detailed analysis, developers have a clear guide to leveraging wildcloud’s capabilities for building their own WaaS solutions, catering to the diverse needs of the WordPress community.

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