New story: featuring an AI-driven WaaS raises seed funding to promote multi-tenant WordPress

Amsterdam, 20 December 2021:, an Amsterdam-based provider of the world’s first multi-tenant WordPress cloud platform to create SaaS solutions with WordPress, announced today the raising of a substantial seed investment from Arches Capital. According to Wijnand van Leeuwen, CEO and co-founder, the company raised the investment to ignite a new wave of independent SaaS initiatives globally. This includes hiring more developers, broadening marketing efforts, and building international brand recognition.

WPCS’s roots come from the four founder’s own frustrations with the project-based business model of agency work, specifically building websites. SaaS companies typically work with multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, that enable them to scale rapidly. The founders, who’s experience partly lies in agency-style development of websites, partly in creating complex cloud infrastructure, are the world’s first to introduce the dominant infrastructure of SaaS to WordPress, thus enabling anyone to build, manage, and scale thousands of websites as if it’s only one. In the process, they realized they had built a platform that solves all scaling challenges of WordPress and enables developers to productize their skills by building SaaS solutions using the world’s largest open-source CMS, which is WordPress.

WPCS has reached a sufficient level of maturity and stability with many projects already in production globally.

“WPCS’ vision is to make technology readily and sustainably available to everyone,” says CEO and co-founder Wijnand van Leeuwen. “Making it possible for anyone to create a WaaS (website as a service) or a WordPress-based SaaS without writing a single line of code is precisely the type of innovation that makes the web more accessible and scalable for corporations, SMBs, and emerging economies alike. Open-source is not only more innovative and secure than its proprietary counterparts, it democratizes the web”. raises seed funding to promote multi-tenant WordPress

Figure 1: the co-founders from left to right: Roger Rosweide, Sybren van Kesteren, Dexter Drupsteen, Wijnand van Leeuwen

About WPCS

Founded in November 2020, WPCS is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. WPCS is the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform enabling anyone to build, manage, and scale thousands of websites or web-products as if it’s only one. WPCS’ mission is to ignite a new wave of independent WaaS and SaaS initiatives globally.

About Arches Capital

Arches Capital is a fast-growing group of business angels that invests in start-up and scale-up companies with large growth potential. Through its investments, Arches Capital bridges the gap between formal investors (VCs) and informal investors (business angels), by joining the best of both worlds: “We source, select and invest like a VC; we engage, care and inspire as the angel we are“. Arches Capital differentiates itself by bringing superior deal flow, professional knowledge, and a lower risk profile to the participating angel investors while supporting its successful portfolio companies from start to exit through follow-on investments. More information

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