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InstaWP: A Stronger WordPress Service Together

Combining wildcloud with InstaWP paves the way for an upgraded WordPress as a Service (WaaS) experience. Here’s the breakdown of this integration.

Streamlined Connection

Monetizing templates on InstaWP? Now, when sold, they can be synced the a wildcloud application using instaWP’s WaaS tooling suite. This combo offers a smooth sail from sale to service. Forget shifting between platforms—everything’s now under one unified space.

Now, monetized templates aren’t just websites but the start of a continuous service. How? When someone buys your template, it automatically provisions the site in your connected wildcloud application, allowing control over all future plugin and theme updates after the sale.

Upgraded Version Control

This partnership gives you control over site versions straight from the InstaWP dashboard. This means managing multiple WordPress sites and keeping them up-to-date just got a lot easier by simply moving sites to an upgraded version.

Grow With Ease

Combining wildcloud’s infrastructure with InstaWP’s selling features lets businesses sell website subscriptions with ease. The blend of these platforms takes care of the nitty-gritty, so businesses can zero in on growth and customer care.

Trust & Consistency

With wildcloud’s cloud architecture and InstaWP’s monetization, you’ve got a rock-solid foundation. Every website benefits from a unified, secure environment.

A New Era for WordPress Services

The wildcloud and InstaWP integration is a big deal in the WordPress space. It tackles common business challenges, offering a smoother, more reliable service. Whether you’re a small developer or a large agency, this integration opens doors to new possibilities—less hassle, more growth, and a stronger digital presence.

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