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Subscriptions for WooCommerce by WP Swings


Use this subscription plugin to manage your WaaS subscription via your WooCommerce Storefront.

This plugin is also included in our free Storefront Application, which includes a modified WooCommerce store, complete with our own WaaS plugin that integrates with the wildcloud API.

You can launch our storefront application when you sign up for a free trial.

You can also build your own storefront and include this plugin to manage your WaaS, as long as you also use our WaaS plugins to manage your connection with wildcloud.

You can accept manual payments, enable one-time subscriptions, re-attempt failed recurring payments, offer exclusive coupon types, and more:

  • Auto-Retry on Failed Renewals: Automatically reattempt the failed recurring payment of any preferred WooCommerce subscription plan.
  • Start & Pause Subscription: Customers can start or pause their WooCommerce subscription anytime. 
  • Manual Payment for Subscription: You can allow manual payment methods such as cash on delivery, direct bank transfer, and check payments for customers to purchase subscriptions. 
  • Email Reminders for Subscription: Send reminders for recurring payments, subscription expiry, completion, pause, resume, and reactivation. 
  • Subscriptions Proration: Users can apply changes to their subscription anytime and the subscriptions plugin automatically calculates the proration billing. 
  • Customize Buttons: You can customize the Add to Cart and Place Order button text and tailor the subscription checkout process. 
  • Select Subscription Expiry: Customers can set the expiry on the WooCommerce subscription product and plan the recurring payment as per their convenience. 
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Subscription: Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans anytime they want.
  • Multiple Quantity on Subscriptions: Let customers buy and opt for multiple subscription plans on a single order placement. 
  • One-Time Purchase: Enable the one-time purchase of products and show the collective subscription price. Also, you may charge fees on this subscription order.

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