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Ep. 5 Mark Weisbrod – Syncing Code & Content, Startup Talk, and Bavaria

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Greyd is the first block-based WordPress suite. Mark, the founder of Greyd, shares his journey of starting the company and the vision behind it.

He discusses the need for a WordPress suite that simplifies website building and management. Mark also highlights the importance of collaboration within the WordPress ecosystem. He explores the potential of AI and headless WordPress in the future and the company’s focus on complex solutions.

Mark emphasizes the influence of Munich and Bavaria on Greyd’s philosophy and the importance of understanding individual motivations in the workplace.

Mark and Roger also discuss the power of a good sales pitch and the importance of understanding customer needs. They explore the concept of making customers aware of problems they may not have realized they had and the value of building trust through guarantees and genuine help.

The conversation also delves into the strategy of creating content for TikTok and the benefits of collaboration in marketing. They discuss the importance of finding the perfect proposition for customers and the combination of Greyd and Wildcloud in providing scalable solutions.

The conversation concludes with a focus on sustainability and the integration of accessibility into products.

Greyd / wildcloud snippets

How Greyd & wildcloud created a WaaS for Black Friday

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This podcast is produced by wildcloud, the fastest-growing WordPress SaaS platform in the world, and hosted by co-founders Wijnand van Leeuwen and Roger Rosweide.

wildcloud was nominated for the Innovation Award by WooSesh in 2023. wildcloud helps you create recurring revenue with your WordPress business by offering a platform to build your own Shopify, Wix, or Webflow alternative using nothing but WordPress.

Using wildcloud, you can automatically sell prebuilt, managed websites that you can centrally improve over time.

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