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Ep. 4 – Vikas Singal: Why InstaWP goes ALL IN with WaaS

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Episode information

InstaWP founder Vikas Singhal and the co-founders of wildcloud have been close friends for quite some time, sharing similar views on WordPress and entrepreneurship. Most notable of which is the emphasis on making friends in business.

Vikas is undoubtedly a visionary entrepreneur and CEO, leading one of the fastest-growing WordPress companies in the world. At this time of writing, InstaWP has launched more than 500K websites.

InstaWP is best described as a WordPress development toolkit that allows you to launch instant WordPress sites without setup time. These are standard WordPress sites where you can install any plugin, or theme, or add content with the ability to access, preview & customize your WordPress website.

It is an excellent solution curated for designers, developers, hosting companies, business owners, and others who are working with WordPress every day.

Among a host of different things, users can create WordPress sites for testing purposes with various combinations of WordPress, PHP versions, preset Configurations and various other following functions to supercharge their WordPress development workflow.

But most importantly, and for the benefit of this podcast, users can add and manage a second source of revenue by monetizing their design templates as per the following functions and configuring all related hosting settings, letting individuals establish their own website(s) based on the core setup.

This revenue model is called a WaaS, and of course, that’s what wildcloud is all about.

InstaWP / wildcloud integration demo

During the podcast, Vikas shared his screen and went through the entire setup of connecting InstaWP to wildcloud and using InstaWP’s newest features to build a WaaS storefront.

This storefront lets you sell your website templates, designs, and products for a recurring monthly fee. It includes SSO, a payment gateway, and a streamlined checkout process – to name a few.

We’ve added a shorter video that only contains the demo here:

More information

This podcast is produced by wildcloud, the fastest-growing WordPress SaaS platform in the world, and hosted by co-founders Wijnand van Leeuwen and Roger Rosweide.

wildcloud was nominated for the Innovation Award by WooSesh in 2023. wildcloud helps you create recurring revenue with your WordPress business by offering a platform to build your own Shopify, Wix, or Webflow alternative using nothing but WordPress.

Using wildcloud, you can automatically sell prebuilt, managed websites that you can centrally improve over time.

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