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Ep. 3 – This guy made the perfect tool to download ANY website on wildcloud (how?)

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Patrick Posner is a dedicated WordPress and React developer known for creating high-quality plugins that have been downloaded over a million times, earning a stellar average rating.

His work focuses on simplifying complex processes through innovative products like static site generators, website download tools, password and file protection, and pioneering WordPress themes.

As a full-time product builder and solopreneur, Patrick actively shares his journey, contributes to podcasts, conferences, and interviews, and maintains a journal documenting his progress as an indie hacker.

Webtozip is a one-stop, hassle-free solution for downloading complete websites with a single click, ingeniously designed for ease and speed. Users can effortlessly download their entire site, including all associated files like images, CSS, and JavaScript, not just the HTML, in a neatly packaged ZIP file.

wildcloud, the robust backbone upon which Webtozip is built, is a pioneering platform enabling the creation of scalable WordPress applications with the finesse of multi-tenant cloud architecture.

This innovative platform allows digital agencies to transform into powerhouses of consistent, monthly recurring revenue, with the ability to deploy ready-to-use applications rapidly through Blueprints.

Webtozip stands out as Wildcloud’s most unexpected but supremely scalable use case to date.

It distills Wildcloud’s complex cloud-based capabilities into a user-friendly tool that both individuals and enterprises can leverage without needing deep technical expertise or infrastructure investment.

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This podcast is produced by wildcloud, the fastest-growing WordPress SaaS platform in the world, and hosted by co-founders Wijnand van Leeuwen and Roger Rosweide.

wildcloud was nominated for the Innovation Award by WooSesh in 2023. wildcloud helps you create recurring revenue with your WordPress business by offering a platform to build your own Shopify, Wix, or Webflow alternative using nothing but WordPress.

Using wildcloud, you can automatically sell prebuilt, managed websites that you can centrally improve over time.

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