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Ep. 2 – How to Successfully Bootstrap a Product and Agency Simultaneously

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Aleksandar joins the wildcloud podcast to discuss growing a WordPress product and performance marketing agency simultaneously.

Aleksandar Vucenovic is a Swiss native, world traveler, and all-around great guy. He’s genuinely “chill”; very relaxed yet focused. He’s also the owner of SweetCode and Wolf+Bär agency.

Snippets from the episode

More on SweetCode

SweetCode is the company behind plugins such as Pixel Manager for WooCommerce and Google Automated Discounts.

SweetCode was nominated for best WooCommerce plugin in 2023 by WooSesh. Pixel Manager is the easiest way to track traffic and conversions for your WooCommerce Store. The Pixel Manager for WooCommerce has been built and battle tested by performance marketers. It is super accurate, it is lightweight and it is very easy yet flexible to set up.

As a new user, you can have the confidence that your tracking data is precise and accurate.

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More on Wolf+Bär

Some acclaim for Wolf+Bär, the performance marketing agency, includes: “Wolf+Bär are digital marketing and advertising EXPERTS. They’re constantly staying up to date with the latest industry tools and best practices. I have worked with multiple service providers and they are some of the best and most honest, professional and revenue driven. They’re constantly looking out for the best interests of my company, both on a revenue and cost standpoint.”

More information

This podcast is produced by wildcloud, the fastest-growing WordPress SaaS platform in the world, and hosted by co-founders Wijnand van Leeuwen and Roger Rosweide.

wildcloud was nominated for the Innovation Award by WooSesh in 2023. wildcloud helps you create recurring revenue with your WordPress business by offering a platform to build your own Shopify, Wix, or Webflow alternative using nothing but WordPress.

Using wildcloud, you can automatically sell prebuilt, managed websites that you can centrally improve over time.

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