New story: featuring an AI-driven WaaS

About us

WPCS is the world’s first cloud provider for scalable multi-tenant WordPress solutions. With headquarters located in the multicultural center of Amsterdam, we are instigating a new way of thinking, managing and developing within WordPress by introducing a state-of-the-art Cloud Platform and quality development and operational tools.

We service a diverse set of companies within the WP community, from freelancers, agencies, and WP entrepreneurs to large enterprise clients. All of them have different needs and priorities. Balancing these and keeping our customer’s happy while also running the coolest WP platform in the world is our thing.

You might be thinking, that’s a lot to juggle for a start-up that’s just graduated infancy. You might be right, which is exactly why we’re expanding our team. Continue reading!

The Dev team

By far the largest part of our organisation is our development team (and we were kind of hoping you can help to keep it that way). On a daily basis we are busy with maintaining the platform, onboarding new customers and, last but not least, designing and developing tomorrow’s innovations. We always grab the opportunity to create something cool and simple (or complex, as long as it’s cool). We pride ourselves to mostly work smart and sometimes hard, but we always prefer automated solutions instead of manual labour. We also have a tendency to “use the right tool for the right job” and we’re open to change things when a good argument can be made. Therefore, learning, critical thinking and discussion are encouraged (the latter especially with a drink and a snack on a Friday afternoon).

The Job

Being a WordPress Developer in our team makes you an important link in our chain. It concerns the part that is closest to our customer, so naturally a deep desire to solve users pain-points and challenges is crucial for this position. It will be your responsibility to voice them to the team as you’re standing between the platform and the customer.

On a regular day, you will be working on things like onboarding tools, pipelines that help the customer get their product over to our platform, or work on other WordPress solutions that we’re developing in-house. You’ll become an expert when it comes to what runs best on the service and you’ll guide our customers to have a better product as well as improving their operations and experiences. As if it was not enough, you’ll be involved in the development of WordPress Website or Software as a Service solutions that we develop internally as a starting point or example for our customers.

Lastly, if you are ambitious and want to wander a bit outside the confines of WordPress, you’re in luck. We’ve got a lot of software to develop and maintain. Some examples? Our NextJS Management Console, our C# Management API including serverless External API. About 10 Nodejs (micro) services that manage anything from Business Intelligence data to Backups and data cleaning. Oh, did I forget our Terraform-based managed Kubernetes cluster? We’ll find you a project you’ll like!

If you found the last part a bit daunting, we understand, that’s our default feeling when getting up in the morning. But fear not, our (awesome) team has a proven trackrecord of always finding a way to fix what is broken and improve what was already pretty solid at a pretty high phase. Did I mention we kind of like to have fun with this too?

In summary, what we want from you is:

Some requirements*:

*We omit asking for a number of years experience because time and quality do not always correlate. But when we say “Experience with” or “Solid understanding” we mean that you know what you’re talking about (or at least be honest about knowledge gaps).

If you like the story so far, it’s probably a good idea to meet. But you probably want to know what you can expect from us as employer:

If you’re still reading this you must be really into it. Let us tell a bit about or process:

  1. You think this might be a cool gig -> Great, let’s see your resume and appendices as you see fit.
  2. We think you might be a fit -> We’ll schedule a call and get to know eachother and explain what we’ve done and where we wanna go.
  3. We kinda like each other -> Even better. Let’s talk tech. Do you have portfolio or an idea on how to showcase your skills? Do you want us to give you some suggestions? Let’s see it and get nerdy.
  4. Contracts are a bitch -> What needs to go in, what needs to be scrapped? Let’s dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s.
  5. If it’s up to us, you can start before the ink is dry!