New story: featuring an AI-driven WaaS

About us

WPCS is the world’s first cloud provider for scalable multi-tenant WordPress solutions. With headquarters located in the multicultural center of Amsterdam, we are instigating a new way of thinking, managing and developing within WordPress by introducing a state-of-the-art Cloud Platform and quality development and operational tools.

Our clientele encompasses a rich variety from the tech industry, ranging from freelancers, agencies, and entrepreneurs to major enterprise clients. All have unique requirements and priorities, and our mission is to balance these needs while running a top-notch full-stack development platform.

We’re a young, ambitious startup, continually evolving, and now looking to expand our dynamic team. Are you intrigued? Keep reading!

The Dev team

By far the largest part of our organisation is our development team (and we were kind of hoping you can help to keep it that way). On a daily basis, we are busy with maintaining the platform, onboarding new customers, and, last but not least, designing and developing tomorrow’s innovations. We always grab the opportunity to create something cool and simple (or complex, as long as it’s cool). We pride ourselves on mostly working smart and sometimes hard, but we always prefer automated solutions instead of manual labor. We also have a tendency to “use the right tool for the right job” and we’re open to changing things when a good argument can be made. Therefore, learning, critical thinking, and discussion are encouraged (the latter especially with a drink and a snack on a Friday afternoon).

The Job

In the role of a Full Stack Developer at WPCS, you’ll play a crucial part in shaping our company’s future. A typical day could see you crafting and refining infrastructure tools, enhancing our platform’s feature set, and contributing to the design and execution of our comprehensive in-house full-stack solutions.

We offer a rich landscape of software development and maintenance opportunities. You will have the chance to leave your mark on our NextJS Management Console, our C# Management API with its serverless External API, and various Node.js microservices. Your contributions could also extend to our Terraform-managed Kubernetes cluster, which underpins our advanced cloud infrastructure.

With such a variety of projects underway, there’s sure to be an avenue that aligns with your expertise and sparks your interest. Whether it’s refining an existing feature or pioneering a new tool, your role as a Full Stack Developer will be pivotal in the ongoing evolution of WPCS.

In summary, what we want from you is:

Solid understanding of both front-end and back-end technologies:

We offer:

Our Hiring Process:

Does this sound like an opportunity you’ve been waiting for? Don’t hesitate! Reach out and let’s explore the potential of a great collaboration. We’re excited to meet you and get started on shaping the future of WordPress.