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Sell managed websites on autopilot – in minutes! 

Our plugin suite is free, we only charge for hosting.

Automatically create recurring revenue

“The Storefront” uses our free plugin suite that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. 


It allows you to launch an application that automates the sale of hosted websites.

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Subscription management

Effortlessly handle recurring payments, billing, and collections with WooCommerce Subscriptions or Subscriptions for Woocommerce. 

White-labeled experience

Create a branded customer experience. Your customers can log in, build, manage domains, seamlessly add new features, and more.

Randy LeJeune Tiny Giant Websites
“[...] …We make a double profit, and it’s easy money.”

Randy J LeJeune – CEO
Tiny Giant Web Solutions

What you can offer the market

Create anything imaginable with WordPress, and leverage our plugin suite alongside WooCommerce to sell it globally.

Pre-configured templates

Compatible with Gutenberg or any page builder, offer stunning templates to your audience. 

Feature packages and plans

Offer tiered plans, each equipped with unique plugins, to provide diverse functionalities and appeal to a broader audience.

Launch your own marketplace

Curate WordPress plugins that compliment your application, and let customers add specific features to their Subscription.

Use the tools you love to sell and manage website subscriptions

Explore Blueprints

Deploy ready-to-use applications with Blueprints, crafted by wildcloud in partnership with your favourite plugin providers.

Franchisee Websites
Fitness franchise
Portfolio sites

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Our solution for managing thousands of individual WordPress sites safely. 

Fully managed containerized infrastructure that can scale the most demanding applications with ease.

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